Monet's House: An Impressionist Interior

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Claude Monet was as meticulous in the decoration of his family home at Giverny as he was about the planting of its world-famous garden. Each year, thousands of visitors come to the house and gardens, restored just as they were in the house's heyday and decorated according to Monet's revolutionary views on colour and light. As she moves through the house, the author describes the mealtime rituals of the yellow dining room, the studio where Monet worked and entertained and the family activities that animated the blue room. She also opens the door to rooms not normally seen by the public: the private bedrooms and the cellar where wine was bottled and fruit preserved. The book focuses on authentic decorative touches, including furniture and fabrics, paint swatches, tiles and china. This is a companion volume to "Monet's Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny".Not only was Claude Monet (1840-1926) a leading member of the impressionist movement, he was also, as this charming book reveals, a master interior decorator. A virtual room-by-room guided tour of Monet's beautiful and much-visited home at Giverny, this volume offers a vivid impression of daily life in the beloved house where the artist lived for 40 years with his second wife and their eight children. With its pink stucco walls, green shutters, and brightly painted original furniture, the house reveals Monet's brilliance and innovation as a colorist, which transcended his light-infused canvases to inform his choice of hues for wall paint and furniture. Each room is explored in its own chapter with glorious color photos: the dining room, painted in two shades of yellow and adorned with Japanese prints; the blue-and-white-tiled kitchen; the blue drawing room; the studio as it appeared in its heyday. Enlarged paint swatches of Monet's unique color combinations accompany each chapter so that readers can reproduce them in their own homes.. Here are the detailed information about Monet's House: An Impressionist Interior as your reference.

Original Title:Monet's House: An Impressionist Interior
Author:Heide Michels
Pages:144 pages
Editor:Frances Lincoln Ltd
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This book not only has great pictures, but the descriptions are well written and ... - 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.This book not only has great pictures, but the descriptions are well written and ... By Videre We had the chance to see the water garden at Giverny, but not Monet's home. This book not only has great pictures, but the descriptions are well written and make us feel like we've been inside. I lovely book we will return to often.
A Decorator's Delight - 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.A Decorator's Delight By endless summer This is a superbly photographed book of a lovely, intimate home created by Claude Monet, one of the masters of impressionism whose artistic sensibility clearly spilled over into many aspects of his life, namely, the creation of his living space. His use of color has a surprisingly modern feel. From the lush blooms of the garden and the subtle pastel tones of green, blue, and violet of his wife's bedroom to the vibrant blues of the kitchen tiles and bright yellows of the dining area, all help make this book a delight for anyone who appreciates design, color and texture. He deftly uses many different color hues to create a warm, comfortable living space that many today might love to emulate. Although I have yet to see Giverny, I am aching to visit this remarkable home for myself. Until that time, I will content myself with paging through this lovely book.
Gorgeous Book! - 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.Gorgeous Book! By Little Miss Fun This coffee-table-type book is just gorgeous. It’s a detailed look at Monet’s house and gardens in Giverny, outside Paris, but also includes lots of interesting tidbits about Monet’s daily life and his family.We visited Paris several years ago and although I really wanted to visit Monet’s House outside Paris, we weren’t able to do so. I’m truly looking forward to hopefully visiting there soon. I would also love to incorporate some of his color palettes and ideas into our own home.