Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens

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Download this beautiful Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens book and read it later. Are you curious, who wrote this great book? Yes, Norman Tyler is the author for Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens. This book consists of 120 pages and available in E-Book, Hardcover, Kindle format. Publisher is the company that releases Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens to the public. is the launch date for the first time. Read the Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens now, it is the most interesting subject. However, if you do not have much time to read, you can download Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens to your device and check in later.

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What are the true roots of Greek Revival as an architectural style? Authors and architects Norman Tyler and Ilene R. Tyler share with readers the thrill of discovering the historic significance of their house, referred to as "one of the finest Greek Revival houses in America." The account begins dramatically with the day one of the four large columns unexpectedly fell onto the front lawn, its capital shattered on the slate sidewalk. From this incident, they initiate research on the question of how and where the elaborately crafted columns were fabricated for their house during the early years of settlement in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They expand their research by visiting sites of other similar nineteenth-century Greek Revival residences in western New York State, and continue their odyssey with visits to the first Greek Revival structures in England. They complete their study by finally tracing the roots of their home to a particular ancient site they uncover in Athens, Greece.Many books have been written about about Greek Revival architecture. However, no book has invited readers to trace the history of this American style of architecture over 2,500 years through the genealogy of a single house .. Here are the detailed information about Greek Revival in America: Tracing its architectural roots to ancient Athens as your reference.

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Greek Revival look in the 21st Century - 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.Greek Revival look in the 21st Century By Cordoba Attended school with one of the authors, and would like to congratulate them for their work in developing a professional book on the historic and architectural history work in a fun, easy to read and fascinating story. I followed them all the way, from Ann Arbor to Greece, places that I had been also and understood their throughts. The Greek Revival home in Rochester happened to be also the home I researched many years ago as the home of one of the philantropist of the Connecticut of the Western Reserve, in the the 19th century, which is part of NE Ohio. Their remarks on its archtiecture was on target. The reading is so much fun, that I took the book on my trips as something to enjoy. Loved their approach. We, the readers shared their journey.
A modern day adventure through time and place... - 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.A modern day adventure through time and place... By Amanda D. Davis This is a wonderful read as well as a modern day adventure through ancient spaces, places and ideas that have formed the foundation of the Greek Revival architectural style in America. I was fascinated by the authors' journey and I learned quite a few very interesting things through the reading of this book. Most fascinating to me was the temple that encompassed the endpoint of their journey and the historic, cultural and spiritual significance it holds. I truly felt the temenos (spirit of place) just oozing off the pages, engaging my experience as an architectural historian and preservationist, as well as my truth as a spiritual seeker. I feel my curiosity to learn more about the Temple on the Ilissus, the Eleusinian Mysteries and the stories of Artemis, Demeter and Persephone will lead me to my own adventures through time.I had the pleasure of being a student of both Norm and Ilene Tyler during my studies at Eastern Michigan University for my Master's degree, where they both quickly became two of my all time favorite instructors, and people! I admired their home in Ann Arbor and photographed it several times as an undergrad at the University of Michigan, before I knew them and, I believe, before they purchased the home. This book is a perfect complement to all they taught me about architecture, historic preservation, design, places & spaces and a fitting tribute to a gorgeous home that will remain forever a treasure in my mind. I highly recommend this educational and entertaining story. Enjoy!
An Entertaining & Engaging Greek Revival Travel Adventure - 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.An Entertaining & Engaging Greek Revival Travel Adventure By Amazon Customer While Norm and Ilene Tyler’s “Greek Revival in America” may sound like a book that would appeal by title to architects and students of architecture only, the adventure this couple embarks on in their quest to uncover the architectural history of their beautiful, old house in Ann Arbor makes for a great and entertaining read for all. The book opens with what seems like an improbable tale concerning one of the 20+ foot columns that takes an unexpected tumble across the front lawn of their grand historic home (original structure built circa 1830’s). This incident sparks a unique gum-shoe trail for Ilene and Norm as they research and uncover stories about the home’s original owner (Judge Robert Wilson), subsequent home-owners (some characters are quite colorful) – and mainly – why this stately home was built in replication of a Greek temple in a former Midwestern frontier town in the first place. Ilene and Norm are not long for insignificant details that detract from their pursuit of the origin of those grand columns in front of their dream home. The reader continues to be drawn by their folksy narrative and well-documented travel-research that takes sometimes Norm and mostly both authors to New York State, England, and finally Athens Greece. Ilene and Norm provide unique insight to the architectural uninitiated about why we should care about their passion for the old house. (For one we learn that Teddy Kennedy made a speech in their parlor during his presidential run). Historic facts aside, we ultimately care because Ilene and Norm are able to weave an intriguing story that includes a little mystery, fun, adventure and fact-finding. Not boring textbook “facts”, but unearthed stories that lead Ilene and Norm -- and this reader - on a deeper mission involving adventure, overcoming obstacles and uncovering hidden historic landmarks. After finishing the book one mystery however still remains: how did Ilene and Norm – as husband and wife - manage to write such an entertaining book together – and yet remain professional partners and friends? That question is also part of the endearing appeal of a story that is perhaps best described as a travel-log adventure with a historic twist. Don’t be fooled: “Greek Revival in America” is far from a text book. Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in history, art, community, travel, and relationships!